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July 11, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Team principles & How to think like a varsity debater

My expectations:
1) Treat others with respect
2) Do your homework
3) Do you debate work
4) Compete prepared
5) Do your best in competition (preparation makes this easy)

1) Preparation and work can have a multiplier effect on team success.
2) Preparation now has a multiplier effect for the rest of the year.
3) Preparation is about me doing my best. Preparation is about me giving my best to myself, my teammate, my team, and my coach.
4) Preparation in terms of research, strategy, and frontline writing is often about getting information on paper
5) Preparation is about respect

How debate is different….

Its only by doing not perfect work….that you can get better.

Habits of Successful Debaters/Thinking Like a Varsity Debater
1) Framing/Characterizing
2) Even-if
3) Link/Access X Impact
4) Whats the Distinction
5) Why?
6) Implication?
7) Think like a judge, think like a human

Respect. Respect. Respect.


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