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July 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

The most important logical fallacies for policy & LDers to know for debate

1) Naturalistic fallacy. Is-ought (fact vs. value distinction)
2) Power of analogy, the problem of analogy
3) Confusion/conflation (definitional fallacy)
4) Fallacy of division
5) Hasty generalization [how to make generalizations….but in a meaningful way] *****
6) Domino fallacy (exceptions)
7) Ad Hominum
8) Poisoning the Well
9) Gambler fallacy (this isn’t so applicable to debate IMHO…but I think its an important one still).
10) Inference from a label…..its a hard nut to crack…but interesting
12) More in definitional & causal fallacies

Pity, Excuses (?) In the context of personal arguments you are dealing with a different issue
Baby with the bathwater (not a formal fallacy)

See also: other fallacies (find a glossary)
See also: judgement heuristics

Link to another list (link)

This is a short list….I think there are a number of lists that number into the hundreds–which can probably be simplified.

1) Give examples (silly or real world)
2) Find examples (research)
3) Are there exceptions?
4) Teach it to the class (pick 3)


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