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July 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Reading Aristotle’s Rhetoric for Debate

1) Detail, distinction
2) Time
3) Defining of terms
4) Senses of the word (?)
5) Logical division (city vs. country, race, gender, culture, etc…)
6) Induction
7) Baseline, peer comparison, “in all fairness…”
8) Consistency, law, commitment, choice (our standards, our norms)
9) Taking separately (seems like logical division)
10) Comparison and contrast of advantages and disadvantages (???) Easy vs. Hard way
11) Precedent/cognitive dissonance
12) rational correspondence (???)
13) inducements and deterrents (incentives) 3 types (now, future, checks)
14) incredible (?)
15) contrasts/contradiction
16) alternatives
17) history/character history (extrapolate from experience)

Summary of Aristotle’s Rhetoric (part one and part two)

Glossary of terms (link and link)

More comprehensive glossaries (link and link)

Academic Rhetoric/Publications and Periodicals (link)


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