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July 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Books to read for policy and lincoln-douglas debate

1) 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and/or 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
2) Ayn Rand (read one of her non-fiction books) for linear presentation of an ethical argument
3) Individual and the Political Order (my favorite–not too complex–but clear) I also like the Robert Solomon Intro to Philosophy book. Hands down the best book is IPO.
4) Six Great Ideas, Mortimer J Adler (pretty simple read–perhaps too easy)
5) Rhetoric Aristotle (not perfect…but pretty good). Focus on specific chapters can be helpful. Read the glossary and soak it up.
6) Federalist papers or something like them (???)
7) First amendment
8) Communitarian values (perhaps Etonizi or a critique of rights)
9) Critique of capitalism
10) Critiques of Relativism and/or post-modernism
11) Debate books, persuasion books, rhetoric books, speech example books, etc…

Note many of the above ask for categories of book or article versus a specific book.

Also, I thought Attacking Faulty Reasoning was a good read when I was in debate. Not sure how other fallacy books compare. Its pretty expensive, while the others are $10 to $15. I like the idea of having a book…because its easier to read vs. online. Also, the books can walk you through the reasoning, which can be helpful.
I think reading a book on fallacies and understanding their limits in application (aka exceptions or when they are legitimate) is a helpful exercise.
(aka heurisitics and counter-heuristics)

Sources of Reading and Argument:

(also google “logical fallacies–glossary, examples, definition, worksheet, exercises, activities” All 6 searches should be helpful, hopefully. Search suggest at the bottom of search results in blue should also be helpful


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