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June 30, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Being strategic about debate research

I coached college debate for 5 or so years:

Here are a couple:
1. Focus on high impact arguments (aka difference makers & stuff you are going to use again and again)
2. Focus on high impact resources (books and articles)

Find a local university that allows public access if possible. Make it a half day or day trip if necessary (ie if its far away)

Depth vs. breadth may be an option too. Go deep on your arguments as a general rule.

I did alot of work with caselists. This takes the risk out of book buying to a great extent.

Sell back books that aren’t useful on Amazon (assumeing you can get 1/2 or more back).

Interlibrary loan is probably even better than the Amazon Kindle suggestion.

I don’t like reading books on Amazon kindle all that much. Its nice when you have the downtime, but prefer text and the tangibility of books. However, if you like to read on Kindle and can cut……I’m curious if having Amazon Prime makes sense (given the free e-book issue). Someone else may have better first hand knowledge of extact books on Amazon prime. I’m not sure what the speed of cutting on Kindle vs. cutting ‘normally”


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