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February 6, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

What I Learned from the Ken Ham versus Bill Nye Debate Over Creationism

1) Definition of key terms [note these terms get defined by assumption–even if they aren’t defined actually]
2) Focus on theme/focus (aka repetition)
3) Distinction & Division
4) Examples (Specificity and Generality)
5) Juxtaposition
6) Common Ground
7) ID of Burden of Proof (ideally on both sides)
8] Visual
9) Extended implications, give it scope, make it personal (local impact)

Good proof/Good data/Credible proof/Credible data (what type is best????)


Its important to recognize this is a fact based debate versus a policy debate. Although there was mentioned about the policy implications of changes in viewpoint.

(link to the debate)

Actually another organizations called Reason to Believe integrates the two views in an Old Earth Creationism viewpoint.


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