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January 9, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

How to answer “Madura will say no” or “Venezuela will say no” arguments

I don’t know the full context….haven’t judged any debates this year….but…..some key things strike me as pretty true:

First, it would seem that your generic non-uniques (lots of US/Venezuela engagement now) would serve as an empirical denial of the Madura says no argument.

Second…the Madura says no cards don’t fully understand how:

1) leaders of small nations beat the nationalist drum with their peoples….only to do the exact opposite.
2) Venezuela and Madura economically are dependent on us….and pretty much must come to the table.
3) plus….Madura could probably spin the plan as a concession….which might uniquely allow him to do #1 and get away with it.

Third, the risk arguments above (or rather here).


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