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January 9, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Forums Counterplan as an answer to performative affirmatives like Race, Home, Exclusion, etc…

Is this counterplan useful? Well, what do you have that links to the aff that doesn’t link to the counterplan.

1) Commodification
2) Ks of Academia/Philosophy (aka navel gazing, elite, ivory tower, etc…)
3) Ks of Personal Advocacy (aka the personalization of debate)
4) What is the DA to their stuff being bad for the competitive forum or conversely the competitive forum being bad for their stuff.

I would think also about how the counterplan could capture very specific levels of solvency by the aff. (ie how do you capture their performative aspect… do you capture the way)

For more on this issue, you can go here.

You might also check out the other posts on Learn Policy Debate that deal with answering performative affirmative strategies.


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