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January 5, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

How do you beat a critical affirmative in policy debate?

Here are 10 different ways you can beat the K affirmative:
1) Cap K
2) PIK (rhetoric)
3) Norms bad/Ethics bad/Universalism bad (aka Nietzsche and/or Schlag)
4) Framework/Topicality + realism good
5) Counter-advocacy/counterplan (sometimes used in addition to #4).
6) K at the center of the topic
7) K of the Academy/K of performance (I think this tends to be run on the case as performance, Ks bad and solvency takeouts and turns). I think leveraging this part is kinda key because it is the solvency mechanism
8] Various anti-K strategies like Cede the Political
9) Read a counter-perforance (ie a rap/poem about the importance of structure, standard, and stability as a springboard to social change).
10) Solvency takeouts and turns to that specific K

I think its pretty clear for you to figure out what their movement would do in the concrete. Also, the idea that they don’t have to deal with the results of plan shouldn’t get them out of K links or even solvency turns. If they claim solvency as a benefit….they should have to answer the flip-side of those claims. In any other context….that would be laughable as an “advocacy”. I say words, but won’t defend them and apparently don’t believe them. Its a little cray cray IMHO. At a minimum is a HUGE cognitive dissonance between saying something….and having NO belief in it whatsoever.


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