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January 2, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

My attack on critical affirmatives and the critique of topicality–the latest version

1. Wild isn’t intrinsically good. You can go wild or imaginative with guns, pollution, and genocide.

2. Social contract. This is debate, not chess or football or rock-paper-scissors

3. Words mean things & The resolution exists to serve a purpose.

4. Depth over bredth. Focus yields excellence. Everything excellent exists because of a choice. Focused creativity–not just abstract creativity. This is about averageness versus excellence
a) Appollo Mission
b) Gugenheim
c) 3 Star Steakhouse versus the Golden Corral buffet style eating
d) Top Chef
e) Frank Lloyd Writ
f) every art museum in history has to pick what to include & exclude (remember, they have lots of white space–they don’t just create a garbage dump)
5. Standards

6. We allow their arguments just in our context.

7. The model of expanding circles. We allow other mechanisms of change. There are 100s of ways to change racial perceptions–or the that don’t involve using the ballot as a weapon of guilt.

8. You can’t just arbitrarily insert extra words on the resolution–thats the definition of extra-topical. They’ve made the resolution a conditional, not an absolute–that only proves 10 to 20% if that of the resolution. Thats a failure to meet their burdens.

the beauty of tough love & boundaries

race debates: New England versus Baltimore
Merit means something. Everything else but merit a) incentivizes the wrong thing b) is 100% guesswork c) radically unfair

Balance of wildness & order. Our framework solves their impact & advocacy, without ripping away whats best for debate.

You have no mechanism to weigh performance, art, or imagination. The judge can’t tell how imaginative we are or our argument is–thats pretty arbitrary. And imagination is 95 to 99% pre-tournament.

where could I read:
literature of conservatism (as well as movies, music, & poets)
conservatism (political & philosophical)


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