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January 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

A little capitalism rant for a 1ar or 2ar.

Transportation is a disad to your advocacy–because thats thats your link. That means its an impact turn to your alternative.

Federalism solves all your impacts–thats Calebresi, in fact you alternative attempts to escort us away from a balanced federalist system to an entirely de-centralized system. The impact is global war & destruction of trade–which internal link turns the efficacy of your system. Depression is what results & regional power blocks result in the absense of centralized authority & mechanism to resolve disputes. And that transition war entirely hi-jacks your entire project.

At least there is a chance under capitalism to solve its own ills. We’ve had 100 years of reform since the progressive era, which empirically denies your claims that the corporations always win in DC.
And the people tend to vote those people out.

Your evidence is still uber-essentialist. It assumes that all of capitalism is like the bankers and the 1%. Thats silly. Some entrepreneurs are genuinely concerned about quality products and service to their customer. And to change the world for the better though the innovation in capitalism.

And capitalist can have profit sharing methods too. Thats not mutually exclusive. The motivation debate is a wash. And profit sharing is still reliant on the team versus the individual. Meaning, you still have freeloaders–thats the reason the Office Space problem exists. Also, under a profit sharing model–there is singnificantly less incentive to be an entrepreneur–and serve new markets in health care and transportation.

“Eventually they will run out of new markets ” This is speculative and incredibly long term. Eventually the sun will burn out too. You cause an instant disruption–we cause a disruption in 25, 50, or 100 years. Plus, your assumption doesn’t take into account that technology will create new products based on fewer inputs. Nor does it take into account that Malthusian, limits to growth, and population theorists of your ilk have been wrong since almost the beginning of time (see the bet that Simon had with Mr. Population Bomb). And we haven’t mined space or mined the ocean–and our recycling technology is realistically just getting started.

There is zero solid scenario for the collapse of capital that takes its historical dynmatism & innovation into account. The fear mongering of a bunch of hippie professors & authors not-with-standing.
We have to be able to change to survive. Thats basic economics & science. You cut this at its core–see also how you take the incentive to start companies.

Doublebind–if wager earners didn’t like the system they would walk out on it and move to another country or start a colony or commune. You can’t assume they would adopt your system of wages, etc…(see also profit sharing). The only way to get their is coersion. You assuming education is sufficient radically misunderstands the human condition–its like saying everyone should live in California because I like living in California. People live in different states because they are fundamentally different–and they like different levels of freedom.

“Your ideology is a parasite on captialism. It could only arise under capitalism. And capitalism provides better for non-profits than your un-scalable and un-incentized system would.” Why is this a challenge? Well, your system arises under our system–which means we can profit from the good parts and throw away the bad parts. It also means that you have no empirical verification for communities over 1000 people. Without a centralized authority people are violent & violate rights–replicating the precise problems you lay at the feet of capital.

And if your alternative is just education….you don’t do jack. You don’t take on capitalism. You are just a blip on the radar. The macro-political is the cue de gras in that system–even your authors would admit that. Also, your education alternative just proves my main thesis–when given the opportunity to take a stab at the system you play along while what you would call a titanic goes down.

BTW, making the same argument with different words is the definition of extension of an argument. At least I’m being consistent.

I’m reproducing the most innovative system of economics known to humanity. And modernity works yo. Its not perfect….no system is. The reason you get to say “my system is super perfect” is because its never been tested outside of 1000 people.

And all of this begs the question–you’re still part of the system. the leader is beholden to the system he/she is supposedly trying to take down. When you look behind the curtain of all this anti-capitalist talk……..what do you have but a 100% capitalist who is all talk…..and can’t give up his/her technology, brand names, television, internet, apple products, or star bucks. You can’t take down big tobacco or the military or ideologies of the Fortune 500 when you are on your knees in their service.


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