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December 31, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Thinking about the Distinctions between Anthropocentrism and Deep Ecology and Environmentalism

If you must have a breakdown between:

1) Anthopocentism is bad is a link and impact argument.

2) Deep ecology is alternative and its also a worldview of sorts.

However, in terms of the files… can probably use the two pretty interchangably. You just want to make sure your alternative has a distinction or nuance to it.

Environmentalism isnt’ a clear argument….but my guess is that its pragmatic environmentalism being bad.

Deep ecologists indict:
1) Western worldview–Individualism
2) Western worldview–Growth mindset, Capitalism
3) Western worldview–technology & technology mindset
4) Western worldview–non-systems theory
5) Western worldview–rights based frameworks, including animal rights
6) Western worldview–control of nature (anything that doesn’t let wilderness be wild)
7) Eco-femism (there is a whole eco-femism versus deep ecology debate)
8) Social ecology (there is a whole deep ecology versus social ecology debate)

They also wouldn’t be down with militarism or US hegemony.

They also don’t like anything which creates priority of humans over animals. For instance, western worldviews like rationality.

You can still integrate links from eco-fem and social ecology….you just have to know what risks or moves you are taking ideologically and strategically.

If you are thinking of writing a frontline…..a lot of the “radical environmentalism” arguments assume the Deep Ecologist. There is a group that I believe might be violent called Earth First…some of the radical environmentalism arguments may assume these folks.


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