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December 31, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Reflections on Utopian Alternatives & Lacanian Anti-Capitalism

We will always trade
We will always have a currency/money

Just like you can’t roll back the clock on nuclear weapons… can’t roll the clock back on money.

Unthinking money or capital wouldn’t undo the underlying desire–in fact–there would be no way to satisfy the desire….it would make things net worse.

And in this case, one wrotten apple spoils the bunch–because individual greed is mediated in social. This sets up a double-bind argument where the ONLY way they could hope to solve–is to change reality–not just changing the policies or government. They a fundamentally different types of utopia. One is meaningful, researchable, and debatable…..the other is overwhelmingly not.

Eliminating desires entirely would require 1) removing biological drives (aka chemicals and things a cellular level) or a 2) spiritual guru or God. Either one of those two is obvious fiat abuse, you could fiat solvency or fiat world peace. Debate at that point would be pointless, because we would have unicorns, puppy dogs, pandas, skillels, and unlimited breadsticks.


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