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December 30, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Reflections on the Implications of Counter-Ks

Sorry….I’m going to answer this (kinda) from the perspective of the aff….rather than the neg….and go from there…..

Sometimes counter-Ks do take the form of ethics, turn, or flawed assumptions.

I haven’t fully thought this out….but yes a number can be DAs to the alternative. And net-benefits to the perm.

Given that framework kinda comes first….you might think of how they apply there and then perhaps the other way the argument functions.

One example of this that comes to mind is essentialism (race, location, class, etc…) in response to feminism……the argument is used as a turn…..not necessarily the best of turns always……but usually the hyperbole in the card makes up for argument.

Oddly I think most affs make the application to solvency rather than applying it to both or to framework–so you kinda half to unpack that in cross-x……in a semi-non-obvious way. Or else the 1ar may put a lot of pressure on your 2nr with implications that weren’t fully developed in the 2ac….but perhaps were latent none-the-less in the argument itself.


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