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December 11, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Nietzsche’s Worldview–thinking about Stories, Literature, and Lines of Argument which Might Answer Nietzsche

Here are some of the core themes of the stories/literature/poetry/plays:
1) Stories and plays about Virtue ethics and/or Aristotelian values
2) Stories about empathy and compassion (or walking a mile in someone elses shoes or the Golden rule)
3) Stories about altruism (ie the Giving tree)
4) Almost any hope-centered story
5) Specifically hope-centered existentialism
6) Criticisms of perspectivalism
7) Stories about universalism and/or fairness and/or objectivity (in a positive light)
8] Stories about the value of the enlightenment
9) Criticisms of irrationalism
10) Criticisms of relativism

The top 3 seem to be the most useful. I imagine a combination of stories of ancient wisdom around the need for structures–and how structures actually provide more space for freedom.


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