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December 10, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

More answers to the Wilderson and Afro-pessimism Critique

BTW, How are people beating the slavery argument–it would seem like 10 possible lines of attack:
1) Its rhetoric & hyperbole–not actual slavery. They chose their fate.
2) Rhetoric inflation impact. Saying its slavery when its not actually slavery is bad.
3) Failure to take individual responsibility in this case = bad, bad, bad (worst crimes in history or evicerates choice entirely or evicerates ethics or society/community)
4) Retribution good (card), Prisons good (card), Punishment good (card), Taking people off the streets good (card)
5) The alternative is more racism–i.e. a world of vigilante justice (card)
6) The alternative is more slavery (card)
7) Racism decreasing.
8) Prison work is not slavery (they have quality conditions most of the time).
9) Other distinctions in the prison population (ie why they are in which creates proportionality). This argument is leveraged with a roll back the laws for the crimes that its more like slavery.
10) Institutional protections solve. Laws check abuse (this is the flip side of the alternative debate & the vigilante justice debate)

Am I missing something? What should the answer it focus on? How have teams beat this part of the argument?

I think you could easily get by by focusing on 1 through 6. And you’re probably making some of the other arguments elsewhere.


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  1. compassioninpolitics / Dec 10 2013 5:17 pm

    Something about the non-racist nature of drug sentancing or the criminal justice system. (or the idea they are making improvements or there are viable policy alternatives which solve the problem).

    Alt cause to slavery or racism might be interesting–although I don’t think it would be effective (unless it was something like their conceptualization of race or a capitalism argument)

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