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November 23, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

The way to answer a critique in the 2AC–the F-POSTAL Model

The acronym I’ve always heard is F-in POSTAL meaning

Framework – arguments illustrating how the judge should evaluate the round. There are a lot of different types of FW ranging from simple Policy stuff first to more pragmatic approaches. This is probably the east necessary of any of the elements which is probably why it was not in your acronym. That said it does have its uses.

Permutations – there are two “legit” perms you can make, and a bunch of ones that are technically illegit but people don’t call you on them. the two “legit” perms are Perm do both and perm do the plan (especially if you are going for plan solves/link turn) Some illegit ones that you can make are TF perms and Perm do plan and alt in all other instances.

Offence – have some turns in there. Either link turns or impact turns. IMO pulling off a link turn is more advantageous. Remember not to link AND impact turn.

Solvency Deficit – Lets be honest. the K alt probably doesn’t solve the plan

Theory – there are usually some theoretical means to reject Ks such as vague alts bad and various fiat violations

Alt defense – Now that we’ve established that the alt doesn’t solve plan, attack whether the plan solves the kritik. Grassroots/discourse fails is (depending on the alt), a good argument

Link Defense – do you link to the k? maybe, but you can guarantee that you don’t link as hard as they say you do.

When writing Kritik blocks doing some research into what the kritik says is pretty much paramount. Having topic and case specific answers makes everything more effective.



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