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November 18, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Why Race Project Teams Should be More Interested in Capitalism than Racism

Main challenges in terms of the race divide:
1) Having a full time coach (ideally experienced/knowledgable)
2) Having funds to travel
3) Having funds to go to institute
4) Having access to a critical mass of books on each topic
5) Having access to technology
6) High Level of Literacy (ie ability to know/learn and achieve with SAT type words). Debate involves lots of reading–and reading is the gateway to debate. Those in suburban schools may have better access to that which constitutes cultural literacy and the language of the academy (including more college graduates as parents)
7) Drive to learn, drive to achieve (perhaps a willingness or grit to stick it out)

I would suggest that 1 through 6 have more to do with Capitalism and poverty (not to mention, private schools tend to be the ones that invest more–which would be an additional line item)……..than they have to do with race (i.e. white people stuck in poverty have the same problem). And if they have to do with race, they are decisions about race which pre-date the debate by 50 to 150 years. Race stratification is the affect, not the cause (i.e. they are generational).

There are also ways in which poverty perpetuates itself…..

Then there is the issue of human choice….

* The first part of 6 was specifically mentioned by a former UDL director. Lack of literacy skills across a number of her schools was a barrier to learning and achievement.


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