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November 17, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

What do you run against feminism critical affirmatives?

For those playing along at home thats:
1) Critiques of Second Wave Feminism (aka three key options: Eurocentrism/Post-colonialism, Butler, intersectionality/anti-essentialism)
2) Capitalism Bad
3) Nayer (Global/Local K)
4) Cede the Political
5) Various impact defense (and or K generics)

The only problem is you can’t run Nayer and Cede the Political together… my humble opinion.

The K generic is likely to have tension with whatever K you are running, which is a bit problematic.

I might add in general Ks of reps (representations)–as an option. It also depends what the aff does and/or advocates.

I don’t know what “economic engagement” is defined as these days, but I tend to think it should do two things.
1) Lift embargo
2) Do some negotiations

I haven’t thought about how this relates to parametrics. But just a hint, the action of #2 as well as the methodologies used are generally links to the development K. Also, the aff is just a sell out to free trade…..which is another link to the development K.

You probably want to be able to say globalization/capitalism bad too.

Basically US bad. Us not engaging them now is good, because it keeps us from having a bad influence on them, corrupting them.

Also, you want them to defend the results of their advocacies. Otherwise, your case turns won’t stick. To me that seems like the only route to fairness.


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