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November 16, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Critiques of International Law in Policy Debate

I would suggest there are as many I-law critiques as there are -isms to perpetuate.

1) Foucault/Biopower (this one is often called Global Governance). You can find it in Millenium and Alternatives. I believe its the Dillion & Reid article that people quote on “serial policy failure”
2) Post-colonalism/Imperialism (you crush culture, with perhaps some racism impacts)
3) Racism
4) Feminism

Mutua’s critique of Human Rights…..or rather the Savior-Victim-Savage model is essentially a K of international law as well. Although it may be easier to make similar points with The Gift.

The challenge with these debates is that international law can be used to curb evil practices too–particularly individual bad governments and their various powerplays & -isms. So its not a clear-cut debate.


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