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November 14, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

My short answer to the Wilderson Race Pessimism Critique

I don’t know how you answer the modernization good cards (ie the world has been improving).

Admittedly not sure how specific to the US they are…..and not sure how specific to minorities one of these cards is. However, they do seem to take large cultural shifts and trendlines into account.

People vote with their feet………Why is it that the US sees the immigration of minorities and people of color? They are the referendum on if we are a city on the hill or not. And a MUCH better cue or heuristic than an academic on an obvious one-sided ideological mission.

RE: Slavery. Prison population still has due process….and its comparatively less. And you can’t make comparisons between Prisons & pre-civil war. Its not even qualitatively close.

There is some other poisoning ideology thats getting in the way…..whether its disposable bodies or something else. It may be a twinge of racism.

And the alternative blows. It makes the situation worse. Its non-sensical. Whose to say these situations might be mostly gone or alleviated in 20 years given?

1. the arc of history leaning toward justice

2. the empirical record of reformism

3. the modernization good

4. the west is the best

And I will re-iterate…..

1) the world of the alternative would be “nasty, brutish, and short.” It would look like Mad Max…..with roving bands of domination, dehumanization, and mass slaughter. Democracy may not always be pretty…..but anarchy and its cousins…….blows.

2) At least we can hold racists accountable….and protect minorities. Burning it to the ground…..only makes it look like the LA Riots. Empirically that alternative is a massive dead end which sets race relations back, not forward.

I apologize for the extent to which this became tag-line-y…..but I don’t have cards stored on my Dropbox like you guys do. And I’m still referencing actual arguments (in almost the same way as you would reference Foucault or Dillion or another author without explicit reference to.

Here is the original thread this appeared in.


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