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November 7, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Still more thoughts about the problems with the Wilderson Critique

“The Alt:
The police and USFG have always been willing to kill or enslave black people and we always let them get away with it. When parts of cities erupt in riots we let the media perform our whiteness for us and “tsk tsk what will rioting do?” we ask. But Wilderson is right: given the history of Black life in the US endless antagonism, just burning it all down, really does seem like the only honest answer to the question of black emancipation.”

This is the typical: either/or, hyperbole, and of (mindless) revolutionairies. Its the same rhetoric–but intensified that FOX news commentators and right wing talk show hosts use.

Why doesn’t prison reform or legal reform solve for this oppression?

When was the last time that riots worked for African Americans? The argument itself suggests that the media will coopt your movement AND there is some sort of fiat abuse if the alternative is literal riot–not only in terms of agents, but actions, which is waaaaaaaay not reciprocal.


Part II:

Someone else on the thread said “And I keep saying history, but that is because the history determines the present.”

This is why Japan and Germany are still conquering the world.

This is why slavery still exists in the South.

This is analogous to a parent killing a kid because they didn’t get perfect grades in calculus in middle school. The arc of history in america = toward justice.
Also that answers the underlying history warrant too (we’re racist and we’ll always be racist).

BTW, after the burn everything to the ground (aka the Wilderson alternative as articulated earlier in the thread) –the people who don’t like Affirmative action now will only get angrier & point to it as a rallying cry to justify their acts of violence, aggression, etc…


Here is the link to the original thread


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