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October 31, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Is topicality like cliques in high school–exclusion, etc..


Amusing, but terrible metaphor. Its more like you say identity and words are important…..but you’re not willing to lay down your beliefs in statement of action or advocacy.

Revealing and openness trump concealing and running away from a coherent, if imperfect notion of self, goal, and purpose. That seems reasonable–Monty Python seems to think so and its the basis of most communication and action in society.

If anything some of the judging around critical arguments which allows one to trump the other is a manifestation of this kind of close-minded logic, separatist logic.

A much more analogy/accurate metaphor:

1NC: Who are you affirmative?

2AC: Well if we wrote it down we’d have to kill you….


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