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October 20, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Thoughts about running the Afrocentrism Critique

Reflections on Utilitarianism:

I’m going to assume you are using utilitarianism as a link…….because I’m not 100% sure how this could come up:

I think using utility as a link for this argument doesn’t make sense.

If you utility bad is your best argument anyway…….I think you need to start over or work on a different critique.

Distinction. There is a difference between using causal frameworks and utilitarianism (you’ll have to unpack this distinction for yourself). The alternative ethical framework that comes immediately to mind is virtue ethics. Not sure thats a true argument in the context of Afrocentrism (after all virtue ethics is founded in Aristotle)–but its arguable that Africans have their own version of virtue ethics.

Africans might have something thats more system/community/culturally driven or conscious.

Two sources for Afrocentrism:

Asante. He was the person who is most widely associated with Afrocentrism

Nunn in 1997, a law review article. Its available on Lexis. ( I think Nunn either teaches at Emory or its an an Emory law journal)

Two associated arguments:

The development K and its multiple variants are based on post-colonialism to some extent….(for instance Global/Local also called Nayar after the author is this type of argument). Its available on Lexis as well. The argument is all in one Law Review article.

The borders K is also based on post-colonial thought…..


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