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October 11, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

On forcing the affirmative to defend a racist or sexist resolution….

1) It goes both ways–both teams link the same. You might even link more. I said this before….but I’ll say it again. You are doing the same thing to the negative in these debates–but in the case of the negative there is ZERO fairness, ZERO predictability.

2) Social contract & fairness & predictability

3) Switch side debate good. Solves for empathy, which solves better and deeper than solving for whatever race arguments you are claiming. This is a subsumes and root cause argument.

4) There are ways to defend the resolution in non-racist ways. And your perceptions about racism are themselves racist. At a minimum, both sides can access race/equality based harms.

5) The aff is a reason to negate, not affirm.

6) Intellectual anarchism is bad….it results in lynch mobs. (this needs to be beefed up). Its basically predictability and standards good.
There is a VOID in terms of why a racist resolution means they get to opt out of the process of debate.

As I said elsewhere in the thread on Cross-x”I’m not sure this gets anyone anywhere except back to square one as an FYI.
In performance debates……potentially both sides say they are forced to defend racism or an -ism… which their response is “we shouldn’t be locked into this”
My argument is just to say….it links to BOTH sides….so neither side is in a (strategic) position to really leverage this as an argument/impact.”

See also what I’ve written about:
1) Answering performance affirmatives
2) Defending topicality against critical/performance affirmatives
3) Answering race performances specifically


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