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October 9, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Random thoughts on international fiat

This is the most basic of basic frontlines on international fiat:

international fiat good 2nc

1. Disproves the resolution- if we prove that an international actor is capable of doing the plan there is no reason to vote aff.

2. Literature Checks- they should be prepared to debate the counterplan if there is solvency evidence in the context of the actor and the mandates of their plan.

3. More Real World- History proves that multiple actors are capable of doing the same actions.

4. Best Policy Option- The judge’s only burden is to choose the best way to solve a problem, international actors allow that.

5. Agent is 50% of the resolution- there is a reason the resolution says the USFG, thus we should examine other countries.

6. Net benefits check any abuse- if another agent is irrelevant it either will not solve or else lacks net benefits.

7. It is key to check affirmative side bais- They have infinite prep time and should be able to find comparative evidence distinguishing their actor from others.

8. Reject the argument not the team- we’ve invested time on theory and the punishment should fit the crime.

The best args on the other side are:

1) Fairness/Reciprocity. we get one agent–they should only get that agent too. creates predictability & focused clash.

2) Jurisdiction & Real World. There is no real world agent to make the decision between the two.

Debate literature versus Real World literature distinction. Literature…..articulating a notion of literature which is more specific. Haven’t seen this done, but it just makes sense. Our literature lense for both sides should be balanced.

International fiat can also get into the area of multi-actor fiat. This seems pretty unfair and not exactly real world. The distinction between Congress people and nations seems different. I’m not sure if I’m right, however.


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