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October 7, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

US Government Shutdown and Policy Debate

On either side of this debate…..I would want departmental specific evidence… it effects the state department.

First, tt is a partial shutdown folks.

Also, there is at least a semi-decent argument that fiat overrides or that you are affirming the idea that the plan is a good idea.

Also, ultimately, the political pressure will increase so that the shutdown is no longer viable….or a compromise will be reached. To assume blindly that the current shutdown can be projected further through infinity is simply false. For instance, if we did a scientific study of your activity during the summer versus during the school year we would radically miss what you do. Same basic principle here.

Also, you might google “when will the shutdown end?” or similar searches. Its not perfect, but this combined with a fiat-type argument could provide a better basis for evaluation.


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