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September 27, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

How do you help get a novice ready to compete in varsity

Having coached college policy debate for a number of years at 4 different universities:

1. Practice debates with similarly difficult debaters.

2. Having blocked out arguments helps a lot for minimizing your use prep time…..and allowing you to help prep your 1ar with your partner. This also helps get you on the same page. It also serves as a way to evaluate where your strengths and weaknesses lie–and to correct them BEFORE a competitive debate.

3. Walking through each key argument

4. Asking them questions–and providing constructive feedback. For instance, in terms of the case debate. I did this like you might do multiplication tables or SAT vocab words with my novice.
a) time to read evidence
b] what he/she might say or what part of the aff answers the argument
c) provide feedback on those answers

You can obviously do something similar with your 1ac.

Remember: be patient with your novice. Thats incredibly important.

Charting a systematic calendar of the things you need to cover before the first tournament would be incredibly helpful.


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