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September 22, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Severance Permutations Theory

In terms of counterplans you can think of permutation severance being one of two types:
1) textual severance
2) functional severance

Two key options–and 3 optional ones:
1) “Its a test–not advocacy, its functionally a no link argument” should check back any abuse.
2) Also their condo/dispo good should check this back–especially if you make the argument. I can’t fully the strategic double-binds this puts both teams in however.
3) optional: severance perms good
4) optional: distinctions about textual or functional competition. or using this theory to prove you aren’t severance.
5) optional: Or, they still have X. Or they don’t have a right to X.

You need reasons why their theory abuse is worse then yours…..if you want to go for theory. (ie they started it).
I think if you are going for nuanced abuse stories this should be a little easier (ie dispositional or conditional PICs bad).

I think you can look at severance in terms of critiques can similarly come from a couple different perspectives–primarily mirroring counterplan permuation theory:
1) Textual severance/Rhetorical severance/Discursive severance
2) Functional or Ideological severance

People will still likely refer to critique permutations using the language of counterplan permutations.


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