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September 1, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Multiple alternatives with a critique is illegitimate–theory

Multiple alternatives with one K are bad-

1. Strat skew- we can put our best offense on one of the alternatives and he can
ignore it and go for the others, mooting all 2AC time spent and our offense

2. Reciprocity- We read an advocacy with one harm in the status quo and one way
to solve, with a one-off negative advocacy reciprocity demands the same

3. Illogical even in debate- CX proves the judge can’t do all three of the things he’s
advocating, and they’re not conditional, so he has to defend the entirety of the
K or none of it, no later clarification, this was CX.

4. Our interp is that they get one alternative per kritik- solves all offense

5. Not judge choice- don’t do work for him by “picking an avenue”, this encourages
lazy debate and kills education

6. Reject the alts and the team for the reasons above

This is for a K type affirmative, you probably will have to adapt it to your circumstances.


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