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September 1, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Anthropocentrism on the Latin American Economic Engagement Topic

Here are a couple considerations:

Link areas:
1) Economic engagement (free trade, globalization, capitalism, development, diplomacy/foreign policy/trade negotiations)
2) Advantage areas (hegemony, soft power, etc…) I would go deeper here, but I’m less familiar with the advs. this year

1) Refusing development, re-thinking development, rejecting anthropocentrism
2) Bottom up-movements/bottom-up social change (for anthro or development or from their respective literatures)

The main difference is:
1) Development as link, development good & development key to environment as link turn
2) Free trade/capitalism good as link turn (particularly the environment). For instance capitalism solves scarcity & overpopulation, etc…
3) Given the above, technology good/bad also becomes a potentially important component of the debate (not sure how often)

Haven’t sorted out how development or capitalism key to environment works from a strategic perspective. My guess is the capitalism cards are better than the development specific ones.


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