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August 30, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Answering the Anti-Heroism/Dark Knight Critique

1) No grounding in warrant or fact. This is just an one-sided interpretation of an allegory. And given there’s no contrasting character–there is zero verification–its pure assertion.

2) All humans have imperfections. That means when we are heros, we are of necessity the dark kind. Our act solves.

3) Counter-narrative & metaphor. Atticus Finch proves we don’t have to have weaknesses.

4) No reason it indicts virtue ethics. We ought to be compassionate and empathetic and respect the other.

5) Most all their ethics evidence is ultimately grounded in utilitarianism and calculation. It takes out itself

6) This is the logic of conspiracy theory. They can always attempt to impinge our motives. They don’t have access to our subjectivity, so they have a massive burden of proof versus what we’re actually telling you.

7) Historically, Gifts like the Constitution, natural rights, democracy, and civil rights have all be overall beneficial.

8) Also, there is still an an ethical reason to give a gift when the alternative could be mass death, mass violence, mass suffering or genocide. Prefer our evidence over their ivory tower philosophers.

9) Metaphor & story logic bad.

10) Other counterstories about perfectionism.

11) We never make an argument for perfectionism–any more than the K itself or the negatives own arguments. We make an argument for a integrity and ethics.

12) Theory & Framework, etc…

13) Yeah….this never happens without the cops becoming criminals.

A) Fast and Furious scandal anyone? Rodney King anyone? Guantanamo anyone?

B) Every evil committed by governments and police in history for all time.

14) Rule of law turns should impact turn this. Public perception of evil in government = disrespect for order & violence.

15) Are there any historical examples of this working outside the fantasy of the Batman movie?

16) Actually if we link there is no reason to do the alternative.

17) Tea Party solves. They hate the government and probably always will…..and certainly distrust it.

18) The idea of actually trusting government in full is indeed counter to the American ethos. Our identity, history, and character prevents of from viewing the government or hierarchy or control as a moral paragon.

19) The government inevitably screws up–and screws the people. That solves too.

20) Media solves. It requires crisis and scandal in government to live and thrive. It independently serves as a check….

21) Our party system solves. Dems & republicans check abuses on the other side. The marketplace of ideas & dialectic & debate solves.

22) The aff is not mutually exclusive with going over government action with tooth, nail, and every analytical apparatus known to human existence.

23) The aff is proof that -isms are deeply embedded….there are a couple of implications to that:
1) it puts the government on display for what it is.
2) proves it still has further to go.

24) I would re-iterate my larger historical point–when should we have abandoned what was right for what the public perceived the government to be doing.

25) And the link of one part of the critique…..takes out the need for evil and scandal link. They can’t have it both ways.

* I’m least satisfied with #4.

This is a short explanation of the critique:

The first two cards can almost be viewed as a separate disad, and the only reason they’re a part of the K is because they’re also really nice as links. Basically all you need to know about these two is that they constitute a case turn based on the false presentation of the 1AC as a “gift” or “improvement” targeted at some external body.

The second two cards are really the kritik proper. Mcgowan as applied in debate essentially postulates that
1) Aff’s consequentialism is equitable to the joker’s “scheming”, which is the reorienting of law around self-love and obedience to the evil heart of the state/law
2) The ethics PRESENTED by the aff are necessary for society to function, but “scheming” is obviously pejorative; the solution (AKA the alternative) is to mask true goodness in a presentation of evil, because this allows for the pure hero to remain pure

You can learn more about the Dark Knight K here.


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