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August 27, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Transitioning from Lincoln-Douglas to Policy Debate–Getting Better at Critiques

I imagine the depth of knowledge and time limits in policy may mean that K debates (particularly on framework) are more in depth. The average policy debater knows more about framework than.

Depth. Pick a couple Ks to do deep on–in terms of writing blocks and research. For instance, the ones from camp may be a good start. Here is the open evidence project for 2013, which has nearly all the debate camp evidence created for the 2013 to 2014 high school policy debate resolution.

What do you need to write front lines on–I would suggest the following 4 will give you a good starting point:
1) arguments that occur naturally or after brainstorming/reflection
2) arguments that occur across critiques (or certainly the types)
3) arguments that the aff has AT blocks to
4) competitive intelligence (ie wiki and asking people (ideally smart K people, but others too), etc…)

Alternatives in policy may function a bit differently than they might in LD.

This lecture on critiques by John Turner at Emory may also prove helpful. Turner was incredibly successful and is incredibly smart. This helps clarify some K issues as you move forward in your policy debate career.


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