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August 16, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

8 Rivalries in Philosophy–Thinking about the Critique

Here are 8 rivalries in philosophy–I think more than anyone else on the thread:

1. Deontologists Versus Consequentialists/Utilitarians (p.s this used to say Teleologists)
2. Realists (Waltz Et Al) versus Critical Theorists (Ole Waever, Lipschultz, etc..)
3. Pragmatists (Rorty and Nassbaum) versus Postmoderns/Post-structuralists (kind of)
4. Marxists versus Post-moderns/Post-structuralists
5. Various Feminisms versus Each Other (essentialists versus non-essentialists)
6. Various Marxisms versus Each Other (theory and text versus materialists)
7. Determinists versus Free Will (there are lots of other folks along this continuum)
8. Bottom up-ers (movements & decentralization) versus Top down-ers (government) (obviously there are various points along this continuum–for instance pro Federalists)


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