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August 15, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Switching from Policy to Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Quick Advice. You should get your mind around the following issues.
Criteria. Learn how this works. It effects everything else.
Value observation–these are distinctions which can follow definitions and are quite helpful.
How Ks and theory are a bit different in Lincoln-Douglas. I’m not deep enough here to
Watch quality debates online.
Invest in some books (LD specific & philosophy. Invest in research briefs.

What should I get? How much should I spend?
Time investment: You spend 2+ days for travel tournaments.
Monetary Investment:You spend $50 to $175 for travel tournaments. Probably around a $100 if you have to pay for hotel.
Reality Check: Paying $30 bucks to get about 30 to 100 hours of debate work is an easy equation. Thats pennies–literally pennies.
The best here….is Victory Briefs. Plus, this helps you with competitive intelligence, because they are used by a ton of people.
If you decide to get Planet Debate ones…thats cool too.
Books & briefs aren’t a replacement for camp….but they are a TON cheaper. If you invest in one, you should invest in the other.

VBI I believe are used by some of the top debaters at the TOC. That isn’t to say that Victory Briefs will make you a champion–just to say that using them can be a pretty decent help to you getting better.

Read these. They only disadvantage of research services is they used to take a while to get them, but I assume email solves this problem (instant delivery versus waiting 4 days or so) Also, given that these topics have repeated a number of times since I debated–they have more pre-prepared content.


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