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August 1, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Thinking about how to answer Shively as a critical or performative affirmative

I think the Shivley evidence generally makes similar arguments. Ideally I would want at least one response specific to each one.

So….I would group….
I. answers to the meta-argument Shivley is making


II. the specific arguments Shivley makes:

1. p. 34-fairness
2. p. 45-movements
3. p. 142-Habermas

(these argument and page numbers are made up)

You wouldn’t necessarily read all the #2s….just the cards they read.
And this is just the example of the structure.

You might only end up reading those specific args in later speeches, but thinking
about such things will help you with INTERACTIVITY & DIRECT CLASH.

You can read the full thread here.


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