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July 31, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Cross Examination

1) Cross-examination
2) Credibility is critical (Aristotle “Persuasion = Ethos, Logos, and Pathos”). Ethos is key.
3) Stereotypes in head
4) Capture Attention (head bowed)
5) Anxiety about perception (it transmits and its stupid)
6) Use of Mirror
7) What we are on the inside shines out!!!
8) Confidence. Confidence from character–from inside.
9) Get over yourself. Practice. Visualize success. Confidence, credible, ethos = listen. It doesn’t matter if you look “right.”
10) 3 purposes to cross ex.
• Clarifying info. Understand the argument. Did the evidence make sense? What is the plan doing? Cost? Where get the money? What is “soft power”–sounds like a cleaning detergent? What they think “soft power” is? More info = better.
• Discovery of the witness’ knowledge. (Know what they are talking about). Lots of complexity with Cuba (capitalism, communism, theory, etc…)
Side note: we are easily distracted. we don’t hang on every word. Very important.
• Setting up your arguments.

Suggestions for the questioner:
1) Star it, underline it–don’t go in with the goal of forcing opponent to give up. (Using your brain as lethal weapon). Secret dream in your head.
2) Kill them with kindness. Be nice.
3) Ask questions–don’t make speeches (clarifying & setting arguments up). Thats for speech time.
4) Know when to stop [how could you possibly have seen?]. Raise doubt about competence about ability to testify. Go after evidence not after opponent (research, sources, etc…). Don’t allow them to give a speech refuting your argument.
5) Control the cross ex. Be polite.

Suggestions for the witness:

So far I’ve only watched and taken notes on 20 minutes.


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