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July 15, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

August/September Lincoln-Douglas Topic: National Security versus Digital Privacy

“Citizen” K
Securitization K
Fear K
Biopower K
Agamben K/Value to Life
Terror talk K (almost inevitably)
Privacy K (there are a number, but feminist is one of the most prominent)
Utility versus Deontology (although could potentially use other ethical models to access that debate).
Individual versus society conflict
Surveilance/Social Control bad
Life verus Quality of Life
Security versus Rights

Have you been watching the news since May? That whole thing.

Our citizesn don’t tend to be a threat to National security. 90% of the problems discussed will be based on foreign threats.

Not a great argument, but each term–national security and privacy is in one sense (almost) meaningless.

There are a number of post 9/11 arguments that go along with the overall conflict. (rights versus security)


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