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July 5, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

My initial thought of the P.O.E.S. affirmative from UNT

It challenging to say without knowing the generic counterplans will come out of camp.

It seems a pretty strategic way to say big stick stuff–you get to access econ & hege….and a weird immigration & terrorism…..along with relations.

I think my choice against this aff would be a K……capitalism, development, or security/realism-type argument.

The neg FL for the econ seems fairly decent. Some of the other FLs don’t quite live up. But thats a cornerstone of the aff–given that its hard to just kick out of it given offense.

Not sure how to get uniqueness on immigration per se….but the neg. saying all immigration bad seems like a viable option.

I thought the K link for capitalism based on just reading the tag was decent–although I would think any relations aff would link to “integration.”

The Inflation Disad might be another interesting way to deal with this econ advantage.

My guess is that the more you learn about the ways US/Mexican trade work or trade more generally–that arguments in that
regard may prove equally helpful.


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