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June 29, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

First Debate Meeting Outline

I. Welcome
A. Intros (new and old)
B. Our history, legacy (short)

II. Our Rules
A. Be your best for yourself, your partner, and your coaches.
• Window of opportunity.
• People look back on debate as some of the most meaningful and transformative experiences of their lives.
• They volunteer because they care and the believe in the activity and the full experiences it allows and encourages.
B. Be on time. Be early to meetings and events
• Why?
C. Be wise. Be smart.

III. What is debate about? What is the judge deciding?

IV. The Topic:
• Aff
• Neg

IV. The Affirmative Case
• 20 to 75 pages of evidence

V. Assignment (Read affirmative and underline).
• Reasons
• Credibility
• Visualize
• How does this connect: Think about how that interacts with negative arguments.
• SWOT: Risk versus reward

VI. Debate is awesome

Possible Changes/Additions/Etc..:
1) Could make the assignment a little less in depth (ie not all 5)
2) Could begin part of the assignment there–if only for 2 or 3 cards. For modeling and scaffolding reasons


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