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June 26, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Thinking about Nietzsche with a K Affirmative

I believe there are at least 3 versions of Nietzshce:
1. Denial of ethics
2. Denial of ethics, alternative of create a new ethics
3. Ethics critique/Securitization

And ones which are pro-Uber Mench and don’t take a stand on Uber Mench. I don’t know which of these is most common. But the distinction is MASSIVE. This makes huge strategic differences when answering the argument.

1) Meaning
2) Eternal Return
3) Perspectivalism. Knowledge is just an expression of power. Will to Power.
4) Suffering Good

My guess is that you will see only 1 and 2. Given your aff makes the argument about 3 (or pretty close)–or I should say 1/2 that argument.

To me the most strategic is #2 and probably the most common.


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