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May 30, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Does alternative solvency give solvency to the permutation???

Is this perm legitimate & does it solve for the alternative: “Like specifically alt then plan”

This is a severance perm. It severs the immediacy of the plan.
It also would allow things like delay plan until after the politics disad or any disad.

I think in terms of the other question–I think its a debate. Not yes/no. I think that given the parameters of debate–this argument makes the permutation harder to answer. But I think most good K negs. can answer this argument.

You have to look at the alt. solvency issue contextually. The link arguments proves that the aff takes away the chance of fully solving.

Its all about half way or all in. The perm is half way….the alternative is all in. (this really proves nothing….but points out an important distinction between the two strategies. It would probably require a fuller explanation.) Basically its a close call….but any risk (aka you link)….means
you vote neg. to reject the permutation.

Your argument also speaks to you conceeding the alternative solvency on some level. (thats not necessary, but in the abstract). I should be clear–you don’t have to–but if I had the time as the neg, I might point that out.

Explaining this through metaphor or analogy could potentially be effective.

Also, there are various ways negatives go about:
1) cooping the perm
2) reading independent disads to the perm
3) there are still theory questions with this perm


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