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May 19, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Nuclear War Turns the Case Versus Disad Turns the Case

Disad Turns the Case:
Yeah….what you want is “Disad turns the case” files.

SDI (michigan state debate camp aka Spartan Debate Institute) was the first camp I recall putting these out.
My guess would be that they’ve put out the majority of these files that are in the community.

So….goto the Open Debate Project–there are a number of years I believe on the website. Not sure
if all years are there.

Stategery in terms of Disad Turns the Case:
Its much more effective by the way to have your impact turn the case rather than nuclear war.
Because if they access the nuclear impact–they access it too. Its only by focusing on your
method of getting their (economy, hegemony, terrorism, etc…) that you are able to isolate
those impacts as something you uniquely do…..that they don’t have access too.

Caveats & Exceptions:
There might be limited exceptions to this. For instance, a warming afffirmative that doesn’t
claim hegemony or economy. But that pretty much never happens with good teams.
Most camp affirmatives and presumably those that come from other places like Planet Debate
end in nuclear war.

I don’t know the nature of the circuit you debate on….so its possible
that many of these teams don’t access nuclear war. Even then it kinds of seems strategic
just to access it via your core impacts rather than nuclear war.


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