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May 10, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Calling Out Conspiracy Theory in Debate

The following is from a thread on Cross-x. You can read it here should you need to find some context:

I asked:
This seems like it answers a number of Ks. Particularly those that deal with having a determinist or negative future, negative view of life, or a negative view of humanity as a whole.

• Are they effective? Or not?
• Are they responsive?
• Do they exist?

Feel free to answer any of the above questions.

I replied in the thread:
I’m sorry, K’s that say everything is crap or life is crap or life is terminal. Thats the very definition of the link.

Also, chances are they aren’t reading any evidence going the other way. This is evidence thats arguably prior to theirs.

As a side note–I think evidence that suggest that everyone in the debate is delusioned….should be questioned seriously.
If I think my life has meaning–and you say it doesn’t. I’m not particularly sure your evidence is relevant to me–especially given
that you haven’t lived my life & you know next to nothing about me. Totalizing claims based on a very limited basis–geographical,
temporal, and otherwise–have a massive burden of proof–impossible even.

Its like saying everyone on the planet acts like they had been abducted by an ET.
1) Those are huge totalizing claims.
2) Its not particularly refutable–because of the way its couched (ie not based on the existence of ET, but based on the perception).

Thats a massive burden of proof. But people who just flippantly say the same thing about -isms or systems of power or denial of the meaning of life claims massively get away with such bold assertions.


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