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April 25, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

What are the disadvantages on the Latin America topic

Product specific disads. They will come coupled with exclusionary counterplans. (tobaccoo, various specific technologies). The Embargo given that it has sooo many products will have a ton of these mini-disads. But potentially uber-unique given the near utter lack of trade.
Sector specific disads.
Country politics disads. Each country will potentially have one.
Trade/globalization bad/Free trade bad (obviously growth bad/de-dev)
Structural adjustment bad
Tourism bad (trade & open borders = tourism. tourism bad)
Export-led growth bad
US Aid Tradeoff
US Aid Bad/Development assistance bad (I’m pretty sure)
Diplomatic focus (maybe a trade specific disad). I’m not sure the agencies that would be involved in the aff.
Out of region relations (China a per xxiiiii above–Russia & others may be potentials. I think these will go along with agent counterplan. Canada is potentially one–for instance Soft power tradeoff–a rather peculiar disad as I’ve seen it run in the past)
Oil Disads/Oil Dependence/Oil Economy/Oil Prices
US Trade deficit good/bad (really a linear case turn)
Trade = migration. Migration & immigration bad (crush social services).

Alternative energy will probably be a potent area of change. Technology specific disads with exclusionary counterplans may work.


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  1. Nathan K / Apr 25 2013 6:38 pm

    Here are some C/Ps
    At least 4 types of PICs–all of which are partial pics:

    1. Agent pics (country or agency) (Canada, Japan, etc…)

    2. Exclusion counterplans

    3. Process counterplans (i’m actually going to include delay in this one, because timing is a process based consideration sorta)

    4. Country counterplans (where it goes down)

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