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April 25, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Answering Impact Turns with Uniqueness

This should really be called…turn your uniqueness arguments into empirically denied arguments to answer impact turns…

I think what Chaos (xiiiii) is refering to…..well in part of his answer……

Lets say you run an economy disad….and in the 2ac thhe aff says econ growth bad (they impact turn)……one of the many responses you make to their 2ac argument (de-development effectively) would be that the status quo uniqueness of the economy high. That “proves” the impact turns are false (or undermines their truth value significantly).

However……I think you have to combine this with the long timeframe argument. Just because the impacts in our face or occuring

exactly now….doens’t mean they won’t happen in the future.

* In the core example, you’re using uniqueness to prove your overall argument makes more sense & is more probable or credible.

This theoretically could happen in any context. For instance, using case trends/harms to interact in different ways with disads.


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