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April 24, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Uniqueness Controls the Direction of the Link

Uniqueness controls the direction of the link is the following….

If the economy is high now….there is no impact to making it higher (aka the link turn). Therefore, supposed link turns then are really just defensive link outs. (ie there is only a risk of a LINK…..not a risk of a LINK TURN……because they aren’t link turns anymore)

(This allows them to set up try or die–in terms of the DA–I think……I may be wrong.
A global try or die claim about the overall debate…..versus a disad based try or die.)

It has some (arguably) embedded assumptions–that affs should probably reflect on and exploit:
1. You are winning the uniqueness pretty hard core
2. On a more general level–that there is literally no impact to increasing it (or massively less than the link generates in terms of momentum downward).
3. They are winning the link pretty hard core (without mitigation). The aff can’t say “we’re winning full risk of our link turns….and massively mitigation on their links”

I think most of the time this sorts out into a (neg) timeframe of perception link versus (aff) systemic impact of economy and credibility of overall story. This does seem like a rather last ditch effort however…….unless you are running add-ons or impact turns (because it cuts heavily against your potentially link turn offense).

* Obviously my example is specific to the economy. Relations and political capital are obvious other applications.

The other option for the aft is to concede…..and say uniqueness swamps the link. A theoretically defensive argument….but may screw a bit with 2NRs.


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