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April 23, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Yet another way to answer peformance affirmatives

1. Impact turns. Power good. Utility good. Enemies good. Standards good.

2. Framework (this can take a number of forms)

3. Capitalism (You might try the Biopower version or the D & G type version)

4. Critiques of Morality (Nietzsche)

5. I’ve seen an agent counterplan work. It depends on how the judge and the other team interprets their speech act.

6. Ks of Representation

7. Cooption. Not the best argument. Any kind of “try or die” type analysis seems to answer it.

8. PIKs of government (not sure how these are working these days).

9. Turns of academic philosophy. Turns of their worldview (language turns). Some of these language turns came out on the space topic from Georgetown…..there are also a number on here. Butler actually has a few.

10. Psycho politics/Lacan (this is just a fancy critique of ethics and enemies).
If you run topicality….something to prove abuse…that ideally doesn’t contradict your other arguments.

1) If you run framework you have to implicate the arguments in terms of the ways movements achieve results. They will use this to answer you fairness & education claims. This is the heart of being able to win this argument.

2) They will also probably use roleplaying bad. You obviously need to be able to roll on this one.

There are also a number of demo debates on this topic (I seem to remember one from GDI).


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  1. Nathan Ketsdever / Apr 23 2013 11:17 pm

    Here is another post which has indirect application:

    I also have a number of posts against performance affs from early to mid march.

    I think I also have a number of framework type posts.

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