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April 23, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

Counterplans on the Latin American Policy Debate Topic

Here are a number of counterplans on the Latin American debate topic. The link to the full thread is available at the bottom.

1) Mechanism counterplans (the long list at the very end of this article is what i’m talking about) :

2) NGOs/Non-government organizations

2) Delay

4) Alternative ways to increase economic growth in the US & Latin America (i.e. micro-enterprise loans through US AID, etc….)

5) The possibility of engagement process counterplans.  This realistically pretty much should overlap with mechanisms.  This will compete based on normal means (aka the status quo process for negotiation, treaties & engagement) or something similar.

6) Free trade counterplans to solve for protectionism (one possibility is ban protectionism or ban future protectionism)

7) Privates counter plan to increase growth mostly

8] Consult X country

9) Alternative aid agents: Canada, Japan, etc…

10) Counterplans specific to the advantage area.  I think the top part of Buchards article speaks to some of those advantage areas.

Here is the link to the full thread on Cross-x


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