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April 12, 2013 / compassioninpolitics

What inspires debate arguments

1. Reading & reflecting. You have to read on both sides.
2. Practice debates (including mini-scenarios or mini-debates)
3. Scenario planning
4. Reading the canon (key figures, key citations, key perspectives)
5. Reading in other genres/Reading in other disciplines
6. Brainstorming (what if?, other questions, etc….)
7. Asking mentors for advice
8. Looking for patterns. Seeking them out. (speeches & debates)
9. Debate tools–systems & layers.

Mixing. Collisions of ideas. In your mind and reality.

1. Read/Reflection & Action cycle.
2. Writing & editing cycle. Constant refinement.
3. Drilling organization & execution

How experience emerges:
1. Mentor provides a dividing line, a criteria, or a balancing act (they point the direction)
2. Mini-debates of various types
3. Thinking on your own
4. Letting your learning in other classes seep in (how might you do this?)


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